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Final Fantasy XV VR Experience Gets The Axe

Introduced at Sony's E3 conference 2016, Final Fantasy XV VR Experience showcased the game from a different perspective. Players were introduced to the world of Eos through photography enthusiast (refusing to use the word, 'selfie') Prompto's point of view. The showcase demonstrated that players would be able to warp between different vantage points on the map whilst… Continue reading Final Fantasy XV VR Experience Gets The Axe

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Nier: Automata – Review

If it wasn’t for the medium of games, Automata just wouldn’t be able to exist. This game takes all the creative elements that are only accessible through the art of video games, and as a result has produced one of the most original and relevant titles of the current generation. The reasons why will not be fully explained here through fear of spoiling the game’s fundamental properties, but Platinum Game’s original and ingenious use of the medium is one that should be revered throughout the years to come. (continued)