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Rewind – Bayonetta

Possibly one of Platinum Game’s most renowned titles before the release of Nier Automata, Bayonetta is a vastly eccentric game that took the ‘hack n slash’ genre to a whole new level when it was released back in 2009. With a balletic combat mechanic, a quirky protagonist and a playful soundtrack it exuded a spectacular personality that was unique and memorable, and its fighting template is still used to this day by the developers. Similarities are instantly drawn to Devil May Cry in its style, and these conclusions aren’t completely unjustified as Platinum Games was once part of Capcom, so the influence was almost inevitable. (continued)

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Catherine – Review

To say that there is no other game like Catherine would be a massive understatement. No other game in recent memory touches on the subject of guilt, commitment and infidelity and wraps it up into such a stylistic and comedic experience like the Persona developer Atlus has with this game. (continued)