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Destiny 2 – Review

While I enjoyed Destiny 2’s predecessor, it certainly didn’t come without its faults. Destiny was short, lacking in content and empty in personality. However, with this new iteration, Bungie has seemingly taken heed of the criticism that plagued the original game and has improved upon aspects that proves that Destiny 2 is a better game,… Continue reading Destiny 2 – Review

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Pyre – Review

Supergiant Games are one of those developers that you can evidently see improve with each project that they produce, from Bastion to Transistor and now from Transistor to Pyre, the quality has consistently gotten better as they make notable improvements to their formulae. Pyre’s story takes you through a world where you, along with your… Continue reading Pyre – Review

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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Review

Hellblade’s world, with its Norse theme combined with its Horizon: Zero Dawn aesthetics present some interesting and unique scenarios in which titular protagonist, Senua, finds herself in, as she embarks on a journey to the homeland of the Northman to discover Hellheim. The experience takes you through a visually spectacular world, and is a great… Continue reading Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Review

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RiME – Review

Once you’ve become accustomed to the vast variety of games over the years, it becomes increasingly more difficult not to compare games that share similar attributes within them. When a particular game is objectively superior than what has come before it, it will set a standard for which all other games aspire to maintain or even surpass. Then there’s games that, despite sharing a lot in common with one or numerous titles, will use the foundations set by other games and include its own unique flavour to the fusion, and RiME is one of those games. (continued)

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The Sexy Brutale – Review

The extravagant party hosted by the enigmatic Marquis has not turned out to be the luxurious event the guests had bargained for. The anonymous staff of the mansion are systematically killing the masked guests, and if that wasn’t bad enough, every time the clock hits midnight the time goes back and the entire process is repeated in its continuous, deadly cycle. So, it’s up to the protagonist Lafcadio Boone, who is a priest to the mansion’s chapel, to save the victims from their perpetual nightmare. Boone’s ability to remember the events after the time inevitably ticks back is what allows him to do this, a gift given to him by a mysterious woman drenched in blood. Boone must scalp out each individual culprit and impede them on their murderous errands before they inevitably kill their victims. (continued)

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Nier: Automata – Review

If it wasn’t for the medium of games, Automata just wouldn’t be able to exist. This game takes all the creative elements that are only accessible through the art of video games, and as a result has produced one of the most original and relevant titles of the current generation. The reasons why will not be fully explained here through fear of spoiling the game’s fundamental properties, but Platinum Game’s original and ingenious use of the medium is one that should be revered throughout the years to come. (continued)