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Insight – Quake Champions

The initial few hours of Quake: Champions are undeniably nostalgia inducing for anyone familiar with Id Software’s classic shooter, and with only some minor tweaks to the design, fans will feel at home with this latest outing. FPS’s were the pinnacle of the games industry a decade ago and are arguably the reason why the… Continue reading Insight – Quake Champions

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Insight – The Problem with Timed Exclusives

Timed content exclusives payed for by publishers on high budget games seems to be becoming more consistent recently. Not only is this approach bad for us, the consumers, but it’s also killing and dividing the industry. Both Sony and Microsoft are at fault with this growing movement, by paying for platform exclusive DLC, initial access… Continue reading Insight – The Problem with Timed Exclusives

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Insight – Atlus Release Streaming Guidelines for Persona 5

Last Week Atlus released 'a note on Persona 5 and streaming' with guidelines for people wishing to upload content from their recently released game onto YouTube, Twitch and other streaming services, with consequences for people who don't abide by their guidelines. The problem with the announcement is its wording, it's very ambiguous and in the interest… Continue reading Insight – Atlus Release Streaming Guidelines for Persona 5

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Insight – Sega Releases Bayonetta on PC

Bayonetta is a game that was released way back in 2009 on PS3 and Xbox 360 but is now being re-released on Steam with some notable graphical upgrades, Sega has revealed today. The Steam release costs £14.99 ($20) and comes with 4k and HDR support. 60 FPS will be supported too with various graphical options such as shadow quality and anti-aliasing. In addition… Continue reading Insight – Sega Releases Bayonetta on PC