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Destiny 2 – Review

While I enjoyed Destiny 2’s predecessor, it certainly didn’t come without its faults. Destiny was short, lacking in content and empty in personality. However, with this new iteration, Bungie has seemingly taken heed of the criticism that plagued the original game and has improved upon aspects that proves that Destiny 2 is a better game,… Continue reading Destiny 2 – Review

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Insight – Oh, Bethesda

Bethesda has now launched a service called the Creation Club where people can now 'purchase' mods that have been created by themselves or designed internally with assistance from an external developer but have been tested and certified by Bethesda themselves. That's right, those paid mods that Bethesda said weren't paid mods are actually, paid mods. The justification for this concept stated that because… Continue reading Insight – Oh, Bethesda

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Insight – The Pre-order Culture

What is the point of pre-ordering? It is to solidify one’s placement on an item. The music industry has pre-orders for tickets to popular events, just like movies have pre-orders for cinema premier showings. The reason to pre-order in these cases would be to allow consumers to purchase a ticket before the stock is sold… Continue reading Insight – The Pre-order Culture

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Insight – We Happy Few About the Changes

A year ago, we were introduced to the promising world of We Happy Few. An open world game that boasted originality within its concept, as you are cast in a world reminiscent of a 1960’s England where its inhabitants are legally required to be intoxicated by a drug called joy, which suppresses the drab reality… Continue reading Insight – We Happy Few About the Changes

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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Review

Hellblade’s world, with its Norse theme combined with its Horizon: Zero Dawn aesthetics present some interesting and unique scenarios in which titular protagonist, Senua, finds herself in, as she embarks on a journey to the homeland of the Northman to discover Hellheim. The experience takes you through a visually spectacular world, and is a great… Continue reading Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Review

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Final Fantasy XV VR Experience Gets The Axe

Introduced at Sony's E3 conference 2016, Final Fantasy XV VR Experience showcased the game from a different perspective. Players were introduced to the world of Eos through photography enthusiast (refusing to use the word, 'selfie') Prompto's point of view. The showcase demonstrated that players would be able to warp between different vantage points on the map whilst… Continue reading Final Fantasy XV VR Experience Gets The Axe