The Midnight Channel

It’s been a strange couple of months here at Red Minotaur Gaming. I started a live streaming channel on Twitch, an act I would never have thought I’d have the courage to do. And as much as I enjoyed live streaming video games whilst interacting with like minded people, I felt it wasn’t a suitable platform for what I originally intended to do when creating this website, and that’s video game criticism.

So, after much thought and consideration, I’ve decided that in order to further the opportunity for this website to grow I would set up a YouTube channel. Not all of my content will be uploaded to the platform. Reviews, for instance, will for the foreseeable future will be in the written form and published here. However, certain material like previews, the Rewind feature and general play-throughs will be going over to TheMidnightChannel.

It’s all relatively new to me to sit in front of a camera and microphone to inform people of the new (and not so new) games, but hopefully over time my entertainment abilities, along with my writing skills, will improve accordingly.

To start off the channel, here’s a preview of Ninja Theory’s new IP, Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice:


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