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Final Fantasy XV VR Experience Gets The Axe

Introduced at Sony’s E3 conference 2016, Final Fantasy XV VR Experience showcased the game from a different perspective. Players were introduced to the world of Eos through photography enthusiast (refusing to use the word, ‘selfie’) Prompto’s point of view.

The showcase demonstrated that players would be able to warp between different vantage points on the map whilst taking shots at enemies with Prompto’s companions amongst the fray, all in first-person VR perspective.


Well, all hopes of this have now been extinguished after  lead designer Wan Hazmer tells Sirus Gaming;

“The Prompto Shooting game was actually a showcase back then. It was just to showcase the power of the VR – but we have Monster of the Deep! Can you imagine having a Prompto DLC and also having a Prompto VR. Right? We want to offer something very different for every single entry of Final Fantasy XV.”


What could be more different than a VR experience? Now, I wasn’t overly excited for this particular VR announcement, and out of all of the other VR-related announcements at the 2016 E3, this one was quite low on the list of my anticipated VR games. However, as a avid VR supporter, I am disappointed to hear this news. Any support is good for the device, and the more developers with reputation that invest into it the better.

Maybe when FFXVI comes out in 10 years we’ll get a taste of FF VR then.


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